We Call Them Cabins

Cabins at lake kahola

As you begin looking for houses for sale at Lake Kahola you will quickly realize that we locals don’t call our homes houses, we call them cabins. Why? Well, there are a couple reasons.

Lake Kahola began as the emergency water supply for Lake Kahola. (Read more about Lake Kahola history) Then, of course, the fishermen came. Then some small cabins began to emerge. As time passed lots were created and trailers were moved out to the lake and set on the ground and then more permanent cabins were built.

As time marched forward smaller cabins became bigger cabins. Today it is not unusual to see where small cabins existed that have been torn down for downright massive “cabins.” Even today as you travel the lake and property you will see a couple trailers and cabins from nearly every decade since the lake was completed as a WPA initiative.

Well, I don’t know about you, but saying to people “….at my lake house…” just sounds a little pretentious to this Kansas boy. Obviously, I do not speak for every man, woman and child at the lake, only myself. Yet, I do know many, many Kahola residents have a similar take as to why they call their Lake Kahola homes cabins rather than houses.

The really cool thing about Lake Kahola? Most people here are pretty darned awesome. I mean, who goes to the lake to be upset with stuff? Leave your pettiness in the city. Come on out to the lake to relax and boat and fish and bike and visit. Come to work things out instead of getting worked up.

I’ve never been to a gathering here where people are looking to judge whether you have one of the “big” cabins or one of the smaller ones. Heck, when we have guests down to visit and enjoy very little time is spent in our cabin anyway.

The lake is outside! The watercraft are ready for passengers. The roads and paths are ready for walking. The waterfall is begging to be explored and the gravel roads are ready for your golf cart, four-wheeler or bicycle.

Your cabin is simply a base of operations that allows you to sleep at night mosquito free! And, build equity, of course. As a real estate agent I am compelled to point that out.

To learn more about cabins, Lake Kahola and what it looks like to sell or buy here, give me a call.
Chris Lengquist
Ad Astra Realty, Inc
Keller Williams Realty, Diamond Partners, Inc

Published by Chris Lengquist

Husband. Father. Bicyclist. Jayhawks basketball fan. Real estate guy. I'm thankful for all the challenges I have been given, friends I hold dear and blessings that have been bestowed on me and my family.

4 thoughts on “We Call Them Cabins

    1. Lake Kahola is divided down the middle from west to east between Morris County and Chase County.

      If come from 50 Hwy, go west from Emporia to YY Rd then north to 290 Rd then west to Z Rd then north to dam.

      From Council Grove get to Dunlap Rd on SE part of town, take to 400 Rd and then head south. It will wind you right to lake.

      Hope that helps


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