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Searching Lake Kahola homes isn’t as easy as it seems. Google Maps usually gets our addresses wrong. Zillow (as inacurate as ever) and can’t seem to figure out that a county line runs right down the middle of the lake (west to east) and therefore if you search one county, you miss the other.

Sure, you can eventually figure this out. But why? If you are buying, we’ll do the heavy lifting. Heck, that is one reason why we are paid.

Search links below

Emailed 2 You

Because the home search tools can be a little finicky when searching Lake Kahola homes for sale, we’ll just email them right to you. Give us your Contact information and get what you are looking for. delivered right to you.

Pontoon Tour

Listen, Chris doesn’t have the greatest pontoon…but it floats and a good time has been had…many a time.
Contact us and set up a time you’d like a “from the lake view” tour of homes for sale at Lake Kahola.

Hop in the Car

Or on some bikes. Really doesn’t matter. Chris and Matt are happy to show you homes, either way.

And by the way, we also know the way to Council Grove City Lake homes for sale, too.

If you insist on searching on your own…

Ok, we get it. You are the independent kind. We have set up these searches to help. We do CAUTION you the list can be hit and miss. But give it a try.

North Side (Morris County) of Lake Kahola search results.

South Side (Chase County) of Lake Kahola search results.

Let us help you start your memories today.

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