Bicycle Ride from Lake Kahola

gravel bicycle riding

One of the great things about having a cabin at Lake Kahola is that I often have the pleasure of riding my bicycle in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Rolling. Rugged. Steep and flat.  And in the spring, emerald green.  As I pedal the miles away I am often torn between riding for time and miles or, as what usually wins out, is that I ride and stop, ride and stop, ride and stop and wonder.  The rides are for thinking, exercise and prayer.  The stops are to photograph, observe and to wonder.

Fascination has always clouded my logical thinking when I come upon structures that time has forgotten.  Of course, this isn’t true with just the Flint Hills…yet the wonder is especially amplified as I pass through this rugged land.

The photographs used in this post were taken on April 20, 2019 on a 32.96 mile ride through Chase County, Kansas.

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