About Our Lake

Kahola translates to “Spring water.”

Fed by creeks and springs and sitting the heart of Kansas’ Flint Hills, Lake Kahola sits atop the former Kansa Indian Reservation. Completed in 1937 Kahola was once an emergency water supply for Emporia, Kansas, and as such, Emporia owned the land around the lake up to 2007 when the lake was privatized and turned over to the Kahola Homeowners Association.

Find very detailed information about Lake Kahola’s history, geography, water quality, vegetation and wild life here.

Today Lake Kahola is known for…

  • Great walleye fishing
  • A spectacular 4th of July fireworks display
  • “One way” boating to keep the waters safe
  • A fantastic place to make memories

So very much to do. Whether you boat, kayak, sail or jet-ski across the waters you will find you can have a great time. And that’s just on the water.

Off the water you will find our waterfall to explore, the “hill” to climb (watch the sunset!) and “big weekend” activities to participate in over at ski beach.

Venturing away from the property you will have miles and miles and miles of gravel cycling available to you. There are places to go horseback riding. Or you can explore the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve and hike out to the American Bison that populate the western part of the preserve.

Cities and Towns
The closest “big” city is Emporia. Emporia is the city where Veteran’s Day was founded, the home of Disc Golf and the Dirty Kanza. There is plenty of shopping to do…from mom and pops to the a couple of the usual big boxes. Radius Brewing and Casa Ramos are two of my favorite places to eat when I am hungry and in town.

Council Grove is a favorite of antique seekers. Marie, Chris’ wife, loves the garden center on the western portion of town. Plus, the town sits just south of the recreational lake Council Grove and Council Grove’s City Lake where you can own lake property…though not the land. (Call for more info.)

No trip to the Flint Hills is complete without spending some time in Cottonwood Falls and Strong City. Neighboring towns firmly on opposite side of Bleeding Kansas’ past, there is Strong City’s Ad Astra Food & Drink (really, really good) as well as the quaint shops and scenery of Cottonwood Falls’ downtown.

And we’ve only scratched the surface.

My favorite activity? Simple really. You know those cool October mornings? I make a fresh batch of hot coffee, throw on a jacket and sit at the end of the dock while I read The Word and just ponder life. Who can I serve? Who can I help? What can I do better?

Chris Lengquist

Contact us and we’ll get started.

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